# gyrokinesis instruktør

Born and raised in Germany, Clarissa Mindé has always been associated with art and culture through her family.

​She studied dance for many years in Cologne, Germany. After attending an international dance workshop in 2014, she was inspired to continue dancing, but she also wanted to find a way to share her love of dance with future generations of dancers.

​2015 – 2018, she studied full-time to become a professional dance instructor in the styles of classical ballet (Russian technique by Vaganowa), folklore, character dance, jazz dance and modern dance.

The dance instructor studies focused not only on the build-up of dance, but also included subjects such as anatomy, dance medicine, choreography, music and dance history and many other subjects to further enrich the knowledge. The lessons on injury prevention, in addition to personal experiences with injuries during her studies, made her start with GYROTONIC®.

2015 – 2017, she studied to become a certified GYROTONIC® instructor, and has worked with the system ever since. After completing her education as a certified dance instructor, she was invited to work, not only as a teacher, but also as the responsible owner of a dance school in Düsseldorf, Germany.

She has been a member of the Deutscher Berufsverband für Tanzpädagogik since 2018, is a certified trainer for Progressing Ballet Technique, and completed her education for GYROKINESIS® in 2020.